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The Good Lie Soundtrack List


The Good Lie Soundtrack List (2014) – Complete tracklist, movie score details, the entire OST playlist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer and who sings them.


Have a look below to see the official score list for the 2014 drama movie, The Good Lie.
Film’s original score composed by Martin Leon and music by various artists.
Score album tracklist:

1. Find A Way – Nico & Vinz, feat. Emmanuel Jal
2. Ain’t Gonna Die While Sitting Down – Melpo Mene
3. We Fall – Emmanuel Jal, feat. McKenzie Eddy
4. Obiero – Ayub Ogada
5. Growing Up – Run River North
6. Creating A Dream – Xavier Rudd
7. The Lost Boys – Martin Léon
8. Brothers And Sisters – Martin Léon
9. The Good Lie Main Title – Martin Léon
10. The Story Of My Brothers – Martin Léon
11. Scars – Emmanuel Jal and Nelly Furtado

Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie.

1. Thon Ci Ben e Nyoth De Gem – Mary Garang
2. Nyanajuan (Le Le Le) – Traditional
3. Bachus Ringtone – Travis Howard
4. Wa Winjigo Ero – Ayub Ogada
5. Jaba – Peter Chuol Puot
6. Hey My Brotha – Apple Butter Express
7. Get Your Heart Dirty – Travis Howard
8. Psychodillio – Psycaudio
9. Up In The Air – Paul Rothman
10. Ci Mai Kua Mai – Kang JJ
11. Unconscious Memories – Addy Flor
12. Secret Affair – Hans Hammerschmid
13. Private Affair – Jim Blake
14. Time And Time Again – Bahamas
15. Deck The Halls – Lydia Fuzz
16. Happy Birthday

The Good Lie Soundtrack (Score) release date: September 23, 2014
The Good Lie Movie release date: October 3, 2014

Trailer songs (full tracks):
Find A Way – Nico & Vinz, feat. Emmanuel Jal

Watch the trailer for The Good Lie


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