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Alpha Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Alpha is an adventure, drama, family movie released in the United States on the 17th of August 2018. The movies also comes with one of the years best soundtrack from American composer Michael Stearns. You can listen to the official movie soundtrack, the complete list of credited songs below. Also, check the movie trailer and trailer song.

Complete List of Songs

The complete list of credited songs will be available soon.


Songs from the Trailers

I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons

Official Soundtrack

1. Keda’s Reflection (Michael Stearns) 1:17
2. Stone Inspection (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:58
3. Beat Down (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:42
4. Blood Ceremony (Michael Stearns) 1:38
5. Leaving Home (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:52
6. The Lion Tribe (Michael Stearns) 1:26
7. Bison Hunt (Michael Stearns) 3:02
8. Finish It (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:20
9. Campfire & First Funeral (Michael Stearns) 2:56
10. The Cave (Michael Stearns) 3:12
11. A Father Mourns (Michael Stearns) 3:53
12. Funeral Stones (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:38
13. Up the Tree (Michael Stearns) 1:25
14. Mercy for Alpha (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:20
15. To the Cave (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:01
16. Missing Home (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:47
17. Alpha Follows (Joseph S DeBeasi) 2:36
18. Swim Class Two (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:21
19. Alpha Leaves (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:48
20. Keda’s Dream (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:02
21. Through the Ice (Michael Stearns) 1:22
22. Seeing Frozen Man (Joseph S DeBeasi) 0:44
23. Iceman (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:13
24. Hyenas and the Cave Lion (Michael Stearns) 2:07
25. Going Home (Joseph S DeBeasi) 2:02
26. Alpha is Down (Joseph S DeBeasi) 2:50
27. The Village (Joseph S DeBeasi) 3:16
28. Puppies (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:05
29. We Made It (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:01
30. Heir Apparent (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:21
31. Alpha’s Theme (Joseph S DeBeasi) 2:03
32. Following, Joining (Michael Stearns) 1:41
33. Goodbye Alpha (Joseph S DeBeasi) 1:44

Total Album Time: 60:43


Movie Details

Release Date
17th August 2018
Adventure, Drama, Family
Score Composer
Michael Stearns
Music Supervisor


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