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A Private War Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

A Private War is a Biography , Drama , War movie featuring Rosamund Pike, Tom Hollander, and Jamie Dornan. The movie comes along with a first-rate musical score and soundtrack from composer H. Scott Salinas and music supervisor Laura Katz. H. Scott Salinas is man behind the original score for the film Zipper. Listen to the complete list of songs and movie soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Danny Boy – Nig Richards

Bet You Never Thought – Brighton, MA

Requiem For A Private War –¬†Annie Lennox


Songs from the Trailers

Requiem For A Private War – Annie Lennox

Official Soundtrack

1. Fear Comes Later 3:12
2. Marie’s Lost Theme 1:41
3. Sunday Times 1:51
4. Sri Lanka 1:12
5. Marjah 1:39
6. Marie Loses Her Eye 2:21
7. Nice Eyepatch 1:57
8. Mass Graves 1:50
9. The End is Near 2:15
10. The Search for Truth 2:04
11. Bombs 5:03
12. Eulogy 1:41
13. Norm Dies 1:48
14. Return to the Tunnel 1:45
15. The Final Broadcast 4:01
16. Requiem for a Private War (Annie Lennox) 6:34
Total Album Time: 40:54


Movie Details

Release Date
2nd November 2018
Biography, Drama, War
Score Composer
H. Scott Salinas
Music Supervisor
Laura Katz


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