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Wild Rose (2019) Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Wild Rose soundtrack is due to be released on the 12th April, 2019 and is filled with a wide variety of original country tracks, sung by Jessie Buckley. So browse below and listen to the complete list of songs, credited official soundtrack and trailer songs.

Complete List of Songs

Official Soundtrack

Wild Rose (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Wild Rose (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)

21 songs
12th Apr 2019

  • Country Girl - Jessie Buckley

  • Outlaw State of Mind - Jessie Buckley

  • Born to Run - Jessie Buckley

  • Peace in This House - Jessie Buckley

  • I’m Moving On - Jessie Buckley

  • Crying Over - Jessie Buckley

  • Angel from Montgomery - Jessie Buckley

  • Cigarette Row (Five O Clock Freedom) - Jessie Buckley

  • Alright to Be All Wrong (The Dreamer's Song) - Jessie Buckley

  • When I Reach the Place I'm Going - Jessie Buckley

  • Glasgow (No Place Like Home) - Jessie Buckley

  • Goin' Back to Harlan - Jessie Buckley

  • Covered in Regret (Blue, Black & Red) - Jessie Buckley

  • Robbing the Bank of Life (Stealing the Night) - Jessie Buckley

  • That's the View from Here (Famous Folk Are Weird) - Jessie Buckley

  • Boulder to Birmingham - Jessie Buckley

  • Euston Hustle - The Bluegrass Smugglers

  • The Red Kitchen - The Bluegrass Smugglers

  • The Beach - The Bluegrass Smugglers

  • Le Petit Chat Gris - Hillary Klug

  • Glasgow (No Place Like Home) - Jessie Buckley


Songs from the Trailers

  • Glasgow (No Place Like Home) - Jessie Buckley

Soundtrack Details

Release Date 21st June 2019

Composer Jack C. Arnold

Music Supervisor Karen Elliott


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