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We’re the Millers Soundtrack List


We’re the Millers Soundtrack List (2013) – Tracklist, film score list, all songs played in the movie – playlist and who sings them.

We’re the Millers poster

Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list and the songs playing in the trailer for the 2013 comedy, We’re the Millers, including scene descriptions along with the time when each song is playing during the movie.

1. Count It Off – The Saturday Knights (0:00)

First song played when we see the youtube videos

2. Problem – Natalia Kills (0:03)

In the scene where Rose is dancing in the strip club

3. Shake it Sleazy – Ronald J. Webb

4. Waiting at Home – Ronald J. Webb

5. Boner Garage – Ronald J. Webb

6. I’m A Man – Black Strobe (0:09)

Song played in the scene where David is robbed

7. Joined At The Hip – Jonathan Carroll

8. Stroke Me – Mickey Avalon (0:14)

Scene from the club when Rose is lap dancing for David

9. The Stroke – Billy Squier

10. Wild Child – Juliet Simms (0:16)

Scene where Garage Boner is dancing on the stage

10. Hustlin’ – Rick Ross (0:19)

Music playing while the Millers are at the airport

11. Put The Gun Down – ZZ Ward (0:23)

The scene where the Millers are in the van

12. South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way) – Frank Sinatra (0:25)

Song playing right after the fireworks

13. Waterfalls – TLC (0:40)

Song playing in the end credits

14. Shakey Ground – TLC (0:42)

Music playing in the van

15. Werk Me – Hyper Crush (1:06)

Scene from the bathtub featuring Brad who is speaking on the phone

16. Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith (1:09)

Music in the strip club when Rose is dancing for Pablo

17. Officer of the Day – Wurlitzer Pipe Band

18. I’ll Be There For You (Theme from FRIENDS) – The Rembrandts (1:40)

Song in the scene where they make fun of Aniston

We’re the Millers Release date 7 August 2013 (USA)

You can listen to the We’re The Millers soundtrack songs here (full tracks)

Trailer songs (full tracks)

Robin Thicke feat. T.I. & Pharrell – Blurred Lines

Watch the trailer for We’re the Millers



  1. Mrityunjoy Sarma January 23, 2020

    Which music is played when ‘kenny kisses melissa’ after punching Pablo in we are the millers?

  2. Kris Mcshane January 31, 2014

    Hi Just Wondering I Have Been Looking For This Movie Soundtrack We’re The Millers Everywhere Can We Buy It? & How? Big Fan Of The Film.

    1. soundtrackmania February 11, 2014

      that is easy. Search for it on Amazon 🙂

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