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The Tick – Season 2 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The long-anticipated second season of The Tick is upon us. The selection of songs played in this action, adventure, comedy series is done by composer Chris Bacon. Below you’ll be able to find the complete playlist played in the series. Also, you can listen to the full soundtrack songs, the OST music, and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 – Lesson One: Think Quick! – 5th April

Shine – Cracker

Episode 2 – A.E.G.I.S and You – 5th April

La Rumba No Canto Mas – Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra

Episode 3 – Hot Beige! – 5th April

I Want More – Bangs

Illegal Elian – Music Beyond


Songs from the Trailers

The Tick – Season 2 trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

An official soundtrack for The Tick  – Season 2 has not yet been announced or released. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know if this changes.


Movie Details

Season 2 Premiered
5th April 2019
Amazon Video
Action, Adventure, Comedy
Score Composer
Chris Bacon
Music Supervisor
Number of Episodes


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