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The Nun Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Nun soundtrack consists 20 original tracks by Abel Korzeniowski, and 3 credits songs. Find and listen to the complete list of songs from The Nun (2018) below. Below you’ll be able to find the complete Nun playlist, listen to all the full soundtrack songs, play full OST music and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Enfield Opening – Joseph Bishara

Nun Painting – Joseph Bishara

You Belong to Me – Jo Stafford


Songs from the Trailers

No songs featured in The Nun trailer.

Official Soundtrack

1. God Ends Here 1:42
2. Sacrifice 2:29
3. Sister Irene 1:07
4. The Abbey of St. Carta 2:19
5. Hanging Nun 2:51
6. Valak 2:59
7. Lost Souls 2:17
8. Anything But Holy 3:23
9. Veiled Mirrors 1:04
10. Corridor of Crosses 1:33
11. Perpetual Adoration 1:48
12. Ice House 1:22
13. Branded by the Demon 2:42
14. Burning Cross 1:01
15. They’re All Gone 1:50
16. Handmaid of God 3:14
17. Into the Abyss 3:09
18. Possessed 1:42
19. Deliver Us from Evil 3:06
20. ‘Cause I Have Faith 3:32
Total Album Time: 45:10


Movie Details

Release Date
31st August 2018
Horror, Thriller
Score Composer
Abel Korzeniowski
Music Supervisor

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