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Peppermint Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Peppermint soundtrack consists of 22 original tracks by Michael Frangles, aswell as many other credited songs. Find and listen to the complete list of songs from Peppermint below. Below you’ll be able to find the complete Peppermint playlist, listen to all the full soundtrack songs, play full OST music and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Dark Angel – Geno Lenardo

Jingle Bells – David Choi

Save Yourself – Collins Pennie

Blame It on Love – Collins Pennie

She Knows – Evol Love

Jingle Bells – The Froglets

Nadie Solo Tu – Rabia Ciega

Acércate – Malise

El Escape (The Escape) – David Rolas

Fuerza Ciega – Rabia Ciega

News at Midnight 6 – Sebastijan Duh

Push Me (feat. Ash Costello) – Geno Lenardo


Songs from the Trailers

Exhumed – Zola Jesus

Official Soundtrack

1. Dark Angel (Geno Lenardo) 1:12
2. Van Stitch 2:18
3. Peg’s Message 3:47
4. Drive By Shooting 5:32
5. La Guillotina 3:07
6. These Men Killed My Family 3:19
7. Riley Resurfaces 2:09
8. It’s Been Five Years 2:28
9. Justice For the Judge 2:35
10. You’re Still a Little Dog 1:54
11. Skid Row 1:46
12. Lab Trap 3:02
13. Carjack 2:57
14. Attack On Garcia’s Compound 4:18
15. I Want Justice 1:48
16. Good Evening Peg 4:15
17. You Have To Wake Up Now 2:05
18. Come and Get Me 3:49
19. Maria Held Hostage 3:02
20. You Hit Like a Girl 3:46
21. Let Me Die 3:40
22. Push Me (feat. Ash Costello) (Geno Lenardo) 4:14
Total Album Time: 67:03


Movie Details

Release Date
7th September 2018
Action, Drama, Thriller
Score Composer
Simon Franglen
Music Supervisor
Eric Craig, Brian McNelis

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