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Queen Sugar – Season 4 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Season 4 of Queen Sugar, a drama series by Oprah Winfrey Network is packed with an exciting list of songs. It included tracks from performers like Childish Gambino, Blitz the Ambassador, and Liz Vice. You can check out and listen to the complete list of songs and the official season 4 soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - Pleasure Is Black - 12th June

  • All the Shine - Childish Gambino

  • Long Time Coming (feat. Patrice) - Blitz the Ambassador

  • New Orleans - Warner/Chappell Productions

  • Hello Africa - Blitz the Ambassador

  • Save Me - Liz Vice

Episode 2 - I No Longer Imagine - 19th June

  • Rather Be the Devil - No Money Kids

  • Presidential - Shawn Breez

  • Hard Time - Esther Vallee

  • One Night Man - GA-20

  • Cure - Moonchild

Episode 3 - Where My Body Stops or Begins - 26th June

Episode 4 - Skin Transparent - 3rd July

Episode 5 - Face Speckled - 10th July

  • Darkest Hour - Lyves

Episode 6 - By the Spit - 24th July

  • Best of Me - Desi Valentine

  • Don't That Make You Mad - Christinna O

Episode 7 - Of Several Centuries - 31st July

  • There She Goes - Homegrown

  • Nova - Meshell Ndegeocello

  • Blackout - Dahlia Sleeps

  • Dear Love - Rachel Ann Weiss

  • I'm Saying Goodbye - Ronnie Walker

  • Never Wake - Sanders Bohlke

  • All for You (feat. Trixie Whitley) - Kid Koala


Soundtrack Details

Season 4 Premiered 12th of June 2019

Network Oprah Winfrey Network

Genre Drama

Score Composer Meshell Ndegoccello

Music Supervisor N/A

Number of Episodes 13


  1. charli el rogers March 11, 2023

    I’m looking for the same exact song too!!

  2. Derrick Johnson March 9, 2020

    I have been trying to find the song at the end of episode 8 that had the lyrics:i ain’t going to make you empty promise and i ain’t got time to tell you lies, no i ain’t going to pull you through the darkness but i can show you where to find the light.

    Does anyone know who this artist is and what the name of the song is?

  3. Jane November 30, 2019

    S4E2- song playing while Aunt Vi is reading the book (supposedly Cold World by Katherine Nicole)? Why is it unavailable for purchase?

  4. Sandra Boese August 28, 2019

    What is the name of the song in the trailer for Season 4? Is it available to purchase?


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