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NOS4A2 – Season 2 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Season 2 of NOS4A2, the drama, fantasy, horror TV series from AMC premiered on the 20th of June 2020. The 2nd season is packed with tracks from artists like Yvonne DeVaney, Loma, and alt-J. You can listen to the complete list of credited songs and the season 2 soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - Bad Mother - 21st June 2020

  • Can I Go On - Sleater-Kinney

  • Juice - Lizzo

  • Breezeblocks - alt-J

  • Relay Runner - Loma

Episode 2 - Good Father - 28th June 2020

  • God Made an Angel When He Made Me You - Yvonne DeVaney

Episode 3 - The Night Road - 5th July 2020

  • Last Dance - Scratch Massive

  • O Holy Night (feat. The Orioles) - Sonny Til & The Orioles

Episode 4 - The Lake House - 12th July 2020

  • Silent Night - NOS4A2 CAST


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Season 2 Premiered 20th of June 2020

Network AMC

Genre Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Composer n/a

Number of Episodes 10

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