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Mortal Engines Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

From the creators of The Lord of the Rings, Mortal Engines, an action, adventure, fantasy movie is set to be released in the United States on December 14, 2018. A very promising soundtrack from composer Junkie XL will also be available soon. Junkie XL’x previous works included the 300: Rise of an Empire and Mad Max: Fury Road film score. The complete list of songs will also be listed below.

Complete List of Songs

“The official movie credited songs will be available soon.”


Songs from the Trailers

Crimson Blaze – 2WEI

Official Soundtrack

1. London Suite In C Major 8:54
2. No-One You Know 2:51
3. The Chase 1:08
4. Welcome To London 2:39
5. Miss Valentine 4:19
6. This Is For My Mother 1:36
7. The Outlands 4:52
8. A Resurrected Man 4:44
9. Ms. Fang 2:05
10. In a Sea of Clouds 1:28
11. The Weapon of the Ancients 2:08
12. Shan Guo 3:21
13. I Am the Meteor 2:15
14. First Strike 2:09
15. Night Sundered 4:10
16. In the Shadow of a Shrine 3:29
17. No Going Back 5:58
18. Windflower 2:28
19. The 13th Floor Elevator 4:40
20. Alive and Together 4:52

Total Album Time: 70:06


Movie Details

Release Date
14th December 2018
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Score Composer
Junkie XL
Music Supervisor


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