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Mission Impossible Fallout Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The long-awaited sixth instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise is finally upon us, releasing on the 27th July. The official soundtrack, composed by Lorne Balfe will however be released much earlier on the 13th July, giving us a sneak peak in to the music. The official credited list of songs, not heard in the soundtrack will be listed below as they become available. Below you’ll be able to find the complete tracklist, listen to all the full soundtrack songs, play full OST music and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Mission: Impossible Theme – John E. Davis & Lalo Schifrin

The Plot – John E. Davis & Lalo Schifrin

No Pain, No Gain – Boy Position

Consequences of Love – Death in Vegas

I’ll See You in My Dreams – Tommy Blaize

The Exhortation – London Voices

La vie en rose – Edith Piaf

Friction – Imagine Dragons


Songs from the Trailers

Friction – Imagine Dragons

Official Soundtrack

1. A Storm Is Coming 1:12
2. Your Mission 2:14
3. Should You Choose to Accept… 2:34
4. The Manifesto 1:44
5. Good Evening, Mr. Hunt 4:19
6. Change of Plan 5:47
7. A Terrible Choice 2:54
8. Fallout 1:30
9. Stairs and Rooftops 6:00
10. No Hard Feelings 4:20
11. Free Fall 4:14
12. The White Window 4:42
13. I Am the Storm 2:07
14. The Exchange 5:54
15. Steps Ahead 1:02
16. Escape Through Paris 5:05
17. We Are Never Free 6:57
18. Kashmir 4:29
19. Fate Whispers to the Warrior 3:54
20. And the Warrior Whispers Back 3:56
21. Unfinished Business 1:49
22. Scalper and Hammer 5:10
23. The Syndicate 6:00
24. Cutting on One 3:42
25. The Last Resort 2:55
26. Mission: Accomplished 1:15


Movie Details

Release Date
27th July 2018
Action, Thriller
Score Composer
Lorne Balfe
Music Supervisor

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