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Manglehorn Soundtrack List (2015) – Complete tracklist, movie score details, the entire OST playlist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer and who sings them.


Have a look below to see the official score list for the 2015 drama movie, Manglehorn.
Film’s original score composed by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo
Score album tracklist:

1. Manglehorn Lock and Key
2. Lightning and a Bottle
3. Did I Scare You?
4. Baseball Miracles
5. A Strange World
6. Peristalsis
7. The Lift
8. Paper Moons
9. Hello!
10. Kylie and the Lion
11. Beehive on a Mailbox
12. The Purge
13. Out to Sea
14. Can You Believe It?

Listen to the full score songs from Manglehorn in a playlist

Trailer songs (full tracks)
Manglehorn Lock and Key – Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo (Official trailer)

Watch the trailer for Manglehorn

Manglehorn Soundtrack (Score) release date: June 22, 2015
Manglehorn Movie release date: June 19, 2015



  1. Tara Hedge July 29, 2018

    When he’s a the slot machine. What song is playing?

  2. Bando black April 30, 2017

    Hey ok so the song played aroud 34:00

    1. soundtrackmania May 1, 2017

      unfortunately, that song name was not disclosed, and it’s not on the internet as well. it’s probably a modified / enhanced version of another song, so if they don’t reveal the name it cannot be found if it’s not online

  3. Bando black April 13, 2017

    Hi the movie is called Manglehorni dont know what time it played in the movie but it was the part where the kids was danceing and there was a car crash help me out. Thanks

    1. soundtrackmania April 14, 2017

      around what minute?

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