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The much anticipated and original horror movie Ma premieres at the end of May and brings an equally as satisfying soundtrack with a diverse list of music. With 16 credited songs and an official soundtrack with 27 original tracks, you're sure to find some great songs in there. Browse below for the complete list of songs, soundtrack and official playlist.

Complete List of Songs

  • Horizons - Zach Rogue & Tim Myers

  • Get It Kickin' - Raphael Lake, Aaron Levy and Royal Baggs

  • Fighting Machines - Bobgoblin

  • Love (Gotta Hold On Me) - Neeva

  • Funkytown - Lipps, Inc.

  • Lookout Weekend - Debbie Deb

  • Let There Be Hype - M.C. Madd

  • Rulin' The World - Sheridan

  • Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas

  • The Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

  • Hide from Tomorrow - Bobgoblin

  • Every Time You Think - Aron Leigh

  • September - Earth, Wind & Fire

  • Bouncy House - MC Rump

  • You Hear a Sound - DanteThePoet

Official Soundtrack

Ma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

27 songs
24th May 2019

  • I Was Just a Kid - Gregory Tripi

  • You Can Beat It Ma - Gregory Tripi

  • Pretty Cool, Huh? - Gregory Tripi

  • Nobody's Here But You and Me - Gregory Tripi

  • Mercedes Stakeout - Gregory Tripi

  • Modern Babes In a Modern World - Gregory Tripi

  • It's Five O'Clock Somewhere - Gregory Tripi

  • You Don't Look So Well - Gregory Tripi

  • Not Saying Shit - Gregory Tripi

  • Hey Ma, Loser - Gregory Tripi

  • Pow - Gregory Tripi

  • Cool It With the Pics - Gregory Tripi

  • Go Feed the Animals - Gregory Tripi

  • You're Making Your Business My Business - Gregory Tripi

  • This Is Your One Warning - Gregory Tripi

  • All In Boxes - Gregory Tripi

  • Sue Ann Flashback - Gregory Tripi

  • Maybe I Should Cut It Off - Gregory Tripi

  • You're Missing Out - Gregory Tripi

  • That Much Diazepem - Gregory Tripi

  • Those Big Doe Eyes - Gregory Tripi

  • This Ought To Shut You Up - Gregory Tripi

  • We Have History - Gregory Tripi

  • Who's In the House? - Gregory Tripi

  • Set the Picture - Gregory Tripi

  • I Am Not My Mother - Gregory Tripi

  • Up In Flames - Gregory Tripi


Songs from the Trailers


Soundtrack Details

Release Date 31st May 2019

Composer Gregory Tripi

Music Supervisor John Bissell


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