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Listen To The Full Gangster Squad Soundtrack


Full Gangster Squad Soundtrack – Listen


Stream and listen to the full soundtrack for Gangster Squad, one of the most highly anticipated movies of the beginning of 3013. January 11th is not only the date of the theatrical release of the movie, but also the official release of the soundtrack which you can listen to right here.

Are you ready to taste some of the 1940s glory? Well you can begin to experience it right here, by listening to the sassy soundtrack of Ruben Fleischer’s 2013 hit film “Gangster Squad”.

The soundtrack album which includes twelve tracks was released via Watertower Music Records on January 8th, 2013. Apart from this album, Varese Sarabande is also releasing a score album on January 22nd.

The score for Gangster Squad is composed by Steve Jablonsky and you can listen to audio clips from it right here.

On the other hand, the soundtrack includes A-list artists such as: St. Vincent, Peggy Lee and many more. If you are curious to know how it sounds like, have a listen below:


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