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Listen to Think Like a Man Too Soundtrack


Listen to Think Like a Man Too Soundtrack, stream the full score (OST) songs as they appear in the movie, complete music playlist.


Have a listen to the full songs from Think Like a Man Too (soundtrack) score. The music was released June 17, 2014.

Check out the complete soundtrack (score) list of Think Like a Man Too movie,
along with trailer songs and more

Below you can listen to some of the full additional songs from the movie:

The missing songs will be added as soon as they will become available.



  1. Abshhhh April 26, 2018

    Whats the song played when they were on the roof watching the stars and Kevin hart showed up as a Waiter????? Please share I really need it

    1. soundtrackmania May 2, 2018

      please specify the timeline (minute) of this scene

  2. Claire November 17, 2017

    After weeks I have found the song when Issac and Torrel arrived at club for anyone else that wants it. It’s by j2 and called floating. I can’t find it on iTunes or Shazam also doesn’t pick it up but it is on Youtube.

  3. Claire November 15, 2017

    Noooo is wasn’t big spender that’s the song before it. I was a dance track upbeat, it’s in background that’s why I can’t get it via Shazam. 45 mins into film, as Isaac and torrel arrived in club. And they take the drinks of the boys

  4. Schmidt September 27, 2017

    Which song is playing when Isaac and Terrell showed up in the club and met Mickael’s friends?
    Thank you.

    Think Like A Man Too

    1. Claire November 3, 2017

      What is the song at 45 mins into think like a man too. When Isaac and Torrel turn up in club. Please

      1. soundtrackmania November 14, 2017


    2. Claire November 17, 2017

      Floating by j2! It has taken me weeks to find it look on YouTube the video comes up.

    3. Claire November 17, 2017

      J2 floating. Check it on YouTube it’s. Dance track.

    4. Claire November 20, 2017

      Floating by j2. It’s not on iTunes but you tube it

  5. seun November 10, 2016

    the song that sang when Kevin hart(Cedric) was about to jump into the pool.

    1. soundtrackmania November 11, 2016

      as asked before, please specify around what minute in the movie is this scene

  6. chris July 16, 2016

    what is last soundtrack on closing credits of Think like a man too, instrumental no vocals?

    1. soundtrackmania July 17, 2016

      it’s ‘Think Like A Jam Too’ by Christopher Lennertz
      http://amzn.to/29SV2BX it’s on the list, and you can preview it

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