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Letterkenny – Season 7 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Season 7 of Letterkenny the comedy TV series from Crave premiered on the 14th of October 2019. The new season is full packed with tracks from artists like White Reaper, Tommy and the Commies, and Prettyboy. You can listen to the complete list of credited songs as well as the soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - Crack N Ag - 14th October

  • Hey Willy - Shannon & The Clams

Episode 2 - Red Card Yellow Card

  • Let's Talk About It - White Denim

  • Groovy Dead - Rusty

Episode 3 - Nut

  • Straight Jacket - Tommy and the Commies

Episode 4 - Letterkenny vs Penny

  • I Don't Think She Cares - White Reaper

  • Devices - Tommy and the Commies

  • Paid Drinks - PrettyBoy

  • Shivering Black (Jake Fairley Remix) - Josh Reichmann Oracle Band

  • All Good Things - Teen Archer

  • A Flower In the Ending - The Hunches



Season 7 Premiered 14th of October 2019

Network Crave

Genre Comedy

Score Composer N/A

Number of Episodes 6

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