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The Hook Up Plan – Season 2 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Hook Up Plan, the comedy TV series from Netflix is back. The second season will feature a collection of songs from performers like Erin Bowman, Fiorenza Dalla Valle, and Claude Pelouse & Le Fat Club. Below, you can check out and listen to the complete list of songs as well as the series soundtrack.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1

  • Bottles at the Bar - Erin Bowman

  • Piotr’s Feelings - Serge Rouquairol, Germain Boulay

  • Fiesta del sol - Le Fat Club

  • Where My Girls At (Main) - Frederick Prest

  • Senor Cunto - Fabrice Aristaghes, Jean-Jacques Fauthoux

  • Besame - Francisco Leon Rodriguez, Marc Ferrari

  • Tu Forma de Bailar - Damian Alexander Benitez, James John Desmond, Marc Ferrari, Mikhail Oliver Johnson, Panauh Kalayeh, Robert George Grant

  • Te Voy A Olvidar - Francisco Leon Rodriguez, Marc Ferrari

Episode 2

  • Et quand je danse - Jose Xorto Prados

  • Tropical Summer (Main) - Frédéric le Quéré

  • Piotr’s Feelings - Serge Rouquairol, Germain Boulay

  • Stella Stellina - Fiorenza Dalla Valle

  • New Friends - Teeers

  • After The After - Teeers

Episode 3

  • Ride - Mereki Rose Beach, Marc Ferrari, Natt Donmoyer

  • Je serai (ta meilleure amie) - Louis Element, Johnny Williams

  • Older Remix - Camille Beluze, Sylvain Lux

  • No Matter - Damien Lefevre

  • L'envie d'aimer - Pascal Obispo, Lionel Florence, Patrice Guirao & Joshaï

  • Julia’s Hair (Original) - Mathieu Coupat, Melanie Pain, Jerome Plasseraud

  • Anymore mi Amor - Delphine Dupont & Gérôme Gallo

  • Club Soda - Claude Pelouse & Le Fat Club

Episode 4

  • Piotr’s Feelings - Serge Rouquairol, Germain Boulay

  • Livelihood - RACHELL

Episode 5

  • I Am Coming Home - Camille Beluze, Sylvain Lux

  • Velvet Nights - Tom Hillock, Nicolas Boscovic

  • Exquis Cute - Delphine Dupont & Gérôme Gallo

Episode 6

  • Hands In Your Pockets - Golden Bug

  • Rise in the Sun - FM LAETI

  • After The After - Teeers

  • Japanese Girl - Grand Music Society

  • Jmy attendais pas - Clea Vincent

  • KABYLIFORNIE - Bagarre


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Season 2 Premiered N/A

Network Netflix

Genre Comedy

Score Composer N/A

Number of Episodes 3


  1. Jamila November 19, 2019

    what song Elsa was singing to Jules at the end?


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