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Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Soundtrack List


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Soundtrack List (2014) – Complete tracklist, movie score details, the entire OST playlist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer and who sings them.


Have a look below to see the official score list for the 2014 horror movie, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero.
Film’s original score composed by Kevin Riepl
Score album tracklist:

1. Cabin Fever
2. Patient Zero
3. Just Believer
4. Three Blind Mice
5. Culture Time
6. Virgin Beach
7. Swim with the Fishes
8. Speedy Virus
9. It’s the Bud
10. Rubs the Lotion On
11. Cabin Beaver
12. Looking for Help
13. A Burning Lotion
14. Bunker Down
15. A Lil Blood
16. Pennyskin
17. Two Guys, One Door
18. Dobs Freaks
19. Infected
20. Three Blind Guys
21. Dr. Edwards’s Plan
22. Split Up
23. To the Beach
24. Girl Fight!!
25. Bunker Escape
26. Porter Patrol
27. Porter Mouse
28. Porter Crossing

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Soundtrack (Score) release date: July 22, 2014
Cabin Fever: Patient Zero Movie release date: August 1, 2014

Watch the trailer for Cabin Fever: Patient Zero


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