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At Eternity’s Gate Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

A Vincent van Gogh biography film, At Eternity’s Gate, was released in the United States on November 16, 2018. The movie also comes with a fantastic list of songs and soundtrack from composer Tatiana Lisovkaia and music supervisor Julian Schnabel. You can also check the official movie trailer and trailer song below.

Complete List of Songs

Van Gogh Theme Song –¬†Tatiana LISOVSKAYA & Paul CANTELON


Songs from the Trailers

The At Eternity’s Gate trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

1. Birth 4:08
2. Sunflowers 1:53
3. The Bluefield 2:08
4. Moving Forward I 2:32
5. Van Gogh Theme I 4:11
6. I See Nothing But Eternity 4:28
7. The Hotel Dieu 1:52
8. Moving Forward II 2:32
9. Van Gogh Theme (With Violin) II 3:44
10. Moving Forward Part III 2:32
11. Van Gogh Theme (Just Piano) III 7:29
12. Van Gogh Theme (With Violin) IV 3:44
13. I See Nothing But Eternity (The End) 4:27
14. Death 4:07
15. The Splendor 2:53
16. The Transpose Blue Field 8:51

Total Album Time: 61:31


Movie Details

Release Date
16th November 2018
Biography, Drama
Score Composer
Tatiana Lisovkaia
Music Supervisor
Julian Schnabel


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