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Why Did You Kill Me? Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Why Did You Kill Me? is a documentary, crime movie released in the United States on the 14th of April 2021. The movie is packed with tracks from music artists like Flamingo Dogs and Sinoia Caves. You can check out and listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

  • Why Did You Kill Me? - Matt Morton

  • Bubbly - Flamingo Dogs

  • The Binder - Xander Harris

  • Elena's Sound-World - Sinoia Caves

  • Tick of the Clock - Chromatics

  • I Lost A Homeboy - Xander Harris

  • The Moon Won't Come Out - Justin Sweat

  • Angel Part 2 - Xander Harris

  • Paraselene - Zack Wright

  • Skinned in a Minor - Xander Harris

  • The End Does Not Define You - Xander Harris


Soundtrack Details

Release Date 14th of April 2021

Genre Documentary, Crime

Composer Matt Morton

Music Supervisor Jordan Young

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