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The Good Liar (2019) Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Good Liar will premiere on the 15th November and debuts alongside an original soundtrack consisting of 17 original tracks. The movie itself also contains 6 credited songs from artists such as Cutline, Ella Fitzgerald and Marika Rokk. Carter Burwell was responsible for the score, who has also composed other big hits such as Twilight, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Soundtrack & Carol. Listen to the complete list of songs, soundtrack and trailer songs below.

Complete List of Songs

  • 99 Bottles (Instrumental) - Garrett Marshall Barnes, Isaac Lucas, Jaron Lamot, Jason Rabinowitz, Kurt Zimmer and Colton Fisher

  • CRSD - Colton Fisher, Garrett Marshall Barnes, Jason Rabinowitz and Kurt Zimmer

  • Crack It - Cutline

  • Where or When - Ella Fitzgerald

  • In der Nacht ist der Mensch nicht gern alleine - Marika Rökk

  • Where Or When - Ray Heatherton & His Orchestra

Official Soundtrack

The Good Liar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Good Liar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

17 songs
08th Nov 2019

  • The Good Liar - Carter Burwell

  • Betty's Home - Carter Burwell

  • The River Styx - Carter Burwell

  • Up the Stairs - Carter Burwell

  • A Wire - Carter Burwell

  • Take Care of Our Problem - Carter Burwell

  • Meat - Carter Burwell

  • Haberdashery, Down the Tube - Carter Burwell

  • Berlin Reise - Carter Burwell

  • A Stop Along the Way - Carter Burwell

  • Hans Taub Was Killed - Carter Burwell

  • Stick to the Plan - Carter Burwell

  • Does This Look Like Home? - Carter Burwell

  • Proficient Enough - Carter Burwell

  • I Went Back Home - Carter Burwell

  • He's Lying - Carter Burwell

  • Deeper Than It Looks - Carter Burwell


Soundtrack Details

Release Date 15th November 2019

Composer Carter Burwell

Music Supervisor N/A


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