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Runner Runner Soundtrack List


Runner Runner Soundtrack List (2013) – Tracklist, film score list, all songs played in the movie – playlist and who sings them.

Runner Runner

Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list for the 2013 thriller movie, Runner Runner.

Original score composed by Christophe Beck:

1. Runner Runner
2. Scared Money
3. Costa Rica
4. The House Always Wins
5. Abduction
6. Like Father, Like Son
7. Agent Shavers
8. Client Relations
9. Fisticuffs
10. A Chip Off the Old Block
11. Furst Offense
12. Leverage
13. The Rounds (end credits song)
14. Ivan of Oz (second song played in the end credits)
15. Cronin
16. Well Taken Care Of
17. All In
18. Escape from Costa Rica
19. Ace in the Hole

Listen to the Runner Runner soundtrack here.

End credits songs (full tracks):
Inhaler – Foals

Additional music playing in the movie, but not included in the official soundtrack,
along with the time when they are playing in the movie

1. We Fall Down – Astr (0:15)
(First song playing at the party in the beginning )

2. Fn Pig – deadmau5 (0:16)
(The dubstep song playing at the party)

3. Strobe – deadmau5 (0:17)
(Second song from the party when Irvan and Richie talk)

4. Uh La La – ChocQuibTown (0:27)
(Music playing when the camera captures the shoreline)

5. Si Senor – Control Machete (0:30)
(Song heard when Richie wins a game at craps table)

6. Dejala Corre – Banda Los Hijos de La Niña Luz (0:38)
(Music playing in the scene after the basketball game)

7. Donde Se Fueron? – Ozomatli (0:40)
(Song playing while Richie is taking a client on a boat with girls)

8. La Reja (Nickodemus Remix) [Mixed By Thievery Corporation] – Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada (0:44)
(Music playing in the scene where Richie is celebrating his first success)

9. El Tren – Natalia Clavier (0:45)
(Scene where Rebecca and Richie kiss)

10. La timba – Cinquilo Pinero

11. Borracho – El Socio & Mati Zundel

12. Contigo Jamas – Ocote Soul Sounds

Listen to the Runner Runner additional music (full tracks)

Trailer songs (full tracks):
J-Kwon – Tipsy

Runner Runner movie release date:  4 October 2013 (USA)

Runner Runner soundtrack release date: Digitally on October 1, 2013, physically on October 29

Watch the trailer for Runner Runner



  1. Octto22 March 14, 2021

    Whats the beat playing when it first starts

  2. nick January 17, 2014

    the song is we fall down by astr (not its by astr not astro..)
    its not out yet..but its expected to be out by the end of this month

  3. nick January 8, 2014

    did anyone find the song yet? its the song before strobe by deadmau5
    the one that starts at the pool (midnight black)
    says something like we go down..come and take me come and take me…ah im not sure
    but i really wanna know

  4. Leon January 4, 2014

    Did u manage to get the name of the track I am also looking for that name.

  5. Leon January 4, 2014

    Did u manage to get the name for the song I am also looking for that track name?

  6. J December 23, 2013


  7. kate October 16, 2013

    Yes it is Deadmau5 at the party. However, what we all want to know is who is singing over his beat. Because I was wondering the exact same thing as soon as I heard that song.

  8. Alex October 16, 2013

    The first song is Strobe and the second one is Fn Pig!

  9. martin October 15, 2013

    No that’s not the song that i’m looking for. The song is when one girl swimming in a pool … before the songs of deadmau5

  10. bajanizd October 15, 2013

    Best song is Natalia Clavier – El Tren (OST Runner Runner)

  11. bajanizd October 15, 2013

    Deadmau5 – Fn Pig (OST Runner Runner)

  12. bajanizd October 15, 2013

    Deadmau5 – Strobe

  13. yussss October 15, 2013

    Yeah, it’s called “Strobe”

  14. Martin October 15, 2013

    .Does anyone know how to say which song is heard when Richie meets Rebecca for the first time??? The pool song… We go out… never taka mee…

  15. Patystar October 14, 2013

    Fn Pig but is not listed here!!!

  16. pascalito99 October 7, 2013

    anybody know what is the music by deadmau5 in this movie ?

  17. pao October 3, 2013

    The best song is not on the list, Noche y Calor by Domino Saints.

  18. Yusss September 26, 2013

    These soundtracks remind me very much of the game Payday 2!! Identical style.


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