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RoboCop Soundtrack List  (2014) – Tracklist, film score list details, all songs played in the movie – playlist and who sings them.


Have a look below to see the official score list and the songs playing in the trailer for the 2014 sci-fi movie, RoboCop.

Film’s original score composed by Pedro Bromfman
Listen to full songs from RoboCop score here

Score album tracklist:

1. Mattox and Reporters

2. First Day

Robocop works on his first case. He rides his motorcycle through the city to find his suspect.
Also playing at the end credits.

3. Title Card

Playing when showing the title.

4. Restaurant Shootout

5. Omnicorp

6. Calling Home

7. Made in China

Alex Murphy runs away from the “recovery center” in China.

8. Fixing RoboCop

9. Uploading Data

10. Reputation on The Line

11. Explosion

12. RoboCop Presentation

In front of the Police HQ, emotionless Robocop is presented to the public and authorities.

13. If I Had a Pulse

14. Going After Jerry

Robocop breaks protocol. On his motorcycle, Robocop visits his home.

15. Vallon’s Warehouse

Robocop arrives at Vallon’s wearhuse and fights him and all his men.

16. Murphy’s Case is Filed

After modifying Robocop, cars arrive at the Omnicorp Testing Facility.

17. They’re Going To Kill Him

18. Rooftop

Roof top, Robocop dies. His wife and kid are over his body, crying.

19. Mattox is Down

20. Clara and David

21. Sellars Lies

22. Code Red

23. 2.6 Billion

24. Iran Inspection

25. Battling Robots

Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie

Music credits:
Pedro Bromfman composer


2. Fly Me To The Moon (In other words) – Frank Sinatra

Title on the screen: “3 months later”. Robocop is awakened.

3. If I only had a heart – Arlen

Omnicorp Testing Facility, first time testing Robocop for combat.

4. Hocus Pocus – Focus

Omnicorp Testing Facility, Robocop’s first drill in combat mode.

5. 1.5 -relaxdaily (mix)

Dr. Dennet wakes Robocop up to prevent him about Raymond Sellers.

6. Anguish

7. Take My Life (Tonite) – Fame

8. I Fought The Law – The Clash

End credits song.


Listen to additional songs (full tracks) from RoboCop soundtrack here

RoboCop soundtrack release date: February 4, 2014
RoboCop film release date: February 12, 2014 (USA)

Trailer songs (full tracks):
PP Music – Engage (Official Trailer #2)
Queen Tatyana – Unicode (Official Trailer #1)
Position Music / Jack Trammell – Crimson Shade (Official Trailer #1)

Watch the trailer for RoboCop



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