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Meru Soundtrack List (2015) Complete tracklist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer, who sings them, soundtrack details and the entire music playlist of the album.


Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list for the 2015 documentary movie, Meru, including name of the songs played in trailers and movie

Film’s music by various artists.
Soundtrack album tracklist:

1. Meru – Philip Sheppard
2. Big Day – Philip Sheppard
3. Devils Free – Philip Sheppard
4. Mountain Ceremony – Philip Sheppard
5. Sideways Weather – Philip Sheppard
6. Cabinet Split – Philip Sheppard
7. The Wolf – Eddie Vedder
8. Moon – Little People
9. Chronograph – Philip Sheppard
10. Distant Planet – Philip Sheppard
11. Planet 3 – Philip Sheppard
12. Heartbeats – José González
13. Dread – Philip Sheppard
14. Night Ascent – Philip Sheppard
15. House Of Cards – Philip Sheppard
16. The Answer (trentmøller Remix) – Unkle
17. Ruska – Apocalyptica
18. The Birth And Death Of The Day – Explosions In The Sky
19. Rise Up – Andra Day

Watch the trailer for Meru

Meru Soundtrack (Score) release date: August 14, 2015
Meru Movie release date: August 14, 2015


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