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Marvel’s Iron Fist – Season 2 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The second season of Marvel’s Iron Fist is full of great songs in what promises to be a killer soundtrack. Find and listen to the complete list of songs from Iron Fist below. The original music and score will be composed by Robert Lydecker for season 2. Below you’ll be able to find the complete playlist, listen to all the full soundtrack songs, play full OST music and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Trailer Songs

Iron Fist (Trailer Theme) – Baauer

Episode 1 – The Fury of Iron Fist – 7th September

Episode 2 – The City’s Not For Burning – 7th September

Ceremony of the Fist – Robert Lydecker

So Long – Gang Signs

Brothers of K’un-Lun – Robert Lydecker

Epilogue – Robert Lydecker

Episode 3 – This Deadly Secret – 7th September

Barbarian – Noman

Episode 4 – Target: Iron Fist – 7th September

The Steel Serpent – Robert Lydecker

Episode 5 – Heart of the Dragon – 7th September

Episode 6 – The Dragon Dies at Dawn – 7th September

Wonderful – Isaac Hayes

Cat Tongue – The Flytraps

Crystal Clear – Noman

Mary in the Rain – Robert Lydecker

Episode 7 – Morning of the Mindstorm – 7th September

Let It All Burn – Unbunny

Excelsior Lady – The Donkeys

Mary’s Flashback – Robert Lydecker

Danny Trains – Robert Lydecker

Episode 8 – Citadel on the Edge of Vengeance – 7th September

The Dragon Within – Robert Lydecker

Episode 9 – War Without End – 7th September

Blue Me – Arnett Cobb, Tommy Flanagan, Sam Jo

The Blood of Shou-Lao – Robert Lydecker

Episode 10 – A Duel of Iron – 7th September

The Yin and the Yang – Robert Lydecker

Monday, Monday – CAST

Battle of the Fists (Pt. I) – Robert Lydecker

Battle of the Fists (Pt. II) – Robert Lydecker

Always Bonded – Robert Lydecker

Colleen’s Family Legacy – Robert Lydecker

The Adventure Continues (Pt. I) – Robert Lydecker

The Adventure Continues (Pt. II) – Robert Lydecker


Songs from the Trailers

Iron Fist (Trailer Theme) – Baauer

Official Soundtrack

An official soundtrack for Iron Fist – Season 2 has not yet been announced or released. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know if this changes.


TV Show Details

Season 2 Premiered
7th September 2018
Action, Adventure, Crime
Score Composer
Robert Lydecker
Music Supervisor
Number of Episodes

Spotify Playlist


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