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Mad Max: Fury Road Soundtrack List


Mad Max: Fury Road Soundtrack List (2015) – Complete tracklist, movie score details, the entire OST playlist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer and who sings them.


Have a look below to see the official score list for the 2015 adventure movie, Mad Max: Fury Road.
Film’s original score composed by Tom Holkenborg
Score album tracklist:

1. Survive (Extended Version)
2. Escape (Extended Version)
3. Immortan’s Citadel (Extended Version)
4. Blood Bag (Extended Version)
5. Buzzards Arrive (Bonus Track)
6. Spikey Cars (Extended Version)
7. Storm Is Coming (Extended Version)
8. We Are Not Things (Extended Version)
9. Water (Extended Version)
10. The Rig (Extended Version)
Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL
11. Into the Canyon (Bonus Track)
12. Brothers In Arms (Extended Version)
13. The Chase (Bonus Track)
14. Moving On (Bonus Track)
15. The Bog (Extended Version)
16. Redemption
17. Many Mothers (Extended Version)
18. The Return To Nowhere (Bonus Track)
19. Claw Trucks (Extended Version)
20. Immortan (Bonus Track)
21. Chapter Doof
22. Walhalla Awaits (Bonus Track)
23. My Name Is Max
24. Let Them Up
25. Mary Jo Bassa (Bonus Track)
26 Coda (Bonus Track)

Listen to the full songs from the Mad Max: Fury Road score

Trailer songs (full tracks)
Ursine Vulpine (Pusher Music) – I’m Going To Drive Until It Burns My Bones (Official teaser trailer)
Cavalleria Rusticana, Part 1: Regina coeli, laetare (Official teaser trailer)
Messa de Requiem: II. Dies Irae – Giuseppe Verdi (Official teaser trailer)
Steven Stern (feat. George Krikes) – Soul Of A Man (Official reveal trailer)

Watch the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road Soundtrack (Score) release date: May 12, 2015
Mad Max: Fury Road Movie release date: May 15, 2015


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