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 Listen to Step Up: All In Soundtrack


Listen to Step Up: All In Soundtrack, stream the full score (OST) songs as they appear in the movie, complete music playlist.


Have a listen to the full songs from Step Up: All In (soundtrack) score. The music was released July 29, 2014.

Check out the complete official score (soundtrack) list of the movie, along with trailer songs and more.

Below you can listen to some of the full official songs playing in the movie.

The missing songs will be added as soon as they will become available.

Also, listen to some of the full additional songs below:



  1. LeroyMum August 31, 2018


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  2. MR a October 19, 2016

    last scene when violet kiss chad that song playing

    1. soundtrackmania October 20, 2016

      you all need to check the original post https://www.soundtrackmania.net/step-up-all-in-soundtrack-list.html
      it’s Back to Earth – Steve Aoki featuring Fall Out Boy, the last song in the movie, before the end credits.

  3. Chris Jon Obtina December 31, 2014

    Does anyone know what song was used in the final dance battle the ones where andie dances with fire

  4. ... October 28, 2014

    what was the song thet sean meet andie plz

    1. vishav October 30, 2014

      B.o.b – How U Do That

  5. Olivia October 1, 2014

    What was the song moose was dancing to at his work?

    1. vishav October 30, 2014

      10 hut booty ddp

  6. Hannah Duncil August 13, 2014

    can anyone name the song Moose was dancing to in the casino when the girl kissed him and Camille saw? Thank you.

    1. Hannah Duncil August 20, 2014

      Well for anyone wonderingg. The song is “Skippin'” by Mario

      1. me October 28, 2014

        what was the song when sean meet andie plz

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