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Lee Daniels’ The Butler Soundtrack List


Lee Daniels’ The Butler Soundtrack List (2013) – Tracklist, film score list, all songs played in the movie – playlist and who sings them.

the butler

Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list for the 2013 drama, Lee Daniels’ The Butler.

Original score composed by Rodrigo Leão
1. 1926
2. Time To Leave
3. Learning The Ropes
4. White House Call
5. Louis Graduates
6. Louis Leaves
7. Woolworth
8. The Courthouse
9. Time Lane (feat. Steve Bartek)
10. White House’s Waltz
11. Freedom Bus – Joao Eleuterio
12. Kids Hosed Down
13. Changes
14. Segregation Speech
15. JFK Died
16. Vietnam War
17. Inlight
18. Amazing Grace Intro – Steve Bartek
19. The Black Panthers
20. Cecil Regrets
21. Invitation
22. Cecil’s Memories
23. Louis Is A Hero
24. Civil Rights
25. Gloria Dies
26. The Butler

Below you can see the complete Lee Daniels’ The Butler soundtrack album tracklist:

1. Louis Leaves – Rodrigo Leão
2. You And I Ain’t Nothin’ No More (Piano & Vocal Version) – Gladys Knight
3. I’m Determined To Run This Race – The Meditation Singers
4. Hurts Me To My Heart – Faye Adams
5. Ain’t That A Kick In The Head – Dean Martin
6. Function At The Junction – Shorty Long
7. Tell Him – Patti Drew
8. I’ll Close My Eyes – Dinah Washington
9. Out Of Sight – James Brown
10. In The Middle Of The Night – Fantasia
11. Party Is A Groovy Thing – People’s Choice
12. You And I Ain’t Nothin’ No More (Full Studio Version) – Gladys Knight
13. Family Reunion – The O’Jays
14. The Butler – Rodrigo Leão

You can listen to the songs from the Lee Daniels’ The Butler soundtrack here

Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie

Music credits:
Rodrigo Leao composer
Lynn Fainchtein music supervisor

Click on the green text to listen to the full songs

1. Rondo No. 2 In C Major for Violin and Orchestra, K.373 Allegretto Grazioso – Royal Festival Orchestra
2. Hail to the Chief – DePaul University Brass Band
3. J.S. Bach: 1. Praeludium [Partita No. 1 in B Flat, BWV 825] – Maria João Pires

Lee Daniels’ The Butler release date: 16 August 2013 (USA)

Watch the trailer for Lee Daniels’ The Butler



  1. Stan Ponder November 3, 2022

    The church scene a young lady was singing in church , Where can I find out what the name of the song she’s singng and what’s her name I really would like a copy of the song

  2. June Carroll October 26, 2020

    At the end of movie there was a song sung by a lady and trying to find out the name of the song and who was singing it ?

  3. Jai Nepal-Cordova July 6, 2020

    Was the last song on the butler sang by Dinah Washington?

  4. Heather July 9, 2015

    What was the song played at the beginning? It had a woman singing in a high voice. It wasn’t any of the songs you’ve listed and I’ve been trying to find it. It would really help if you know it or if it was taken out of the official soundtrack? Thanks for reading. Please respond as soon as you can.

    1. Cassie Marie December 20, 2020

      The majority of the soulful songs were of Dinah Washington, who was listed as only singing one song.

  5. Ellen September 25, 2013

    There were also serious (classical) pieces of music in the soundtrack of “The Butler”. Where can I obtain a list of those pieces? The opening scene had a serious piece; it might have been by Tchaikovsky. Thanks.

    1. soundtrackmania February 11, 2014

      the opening scene features music from Piano Concerto in A minor, Op.54:I, Allegro affetuoso by Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Kenneth Klein, Gerald Robbins

      We will be rolling out some major updates, and one of them is to listen to include the songs that are not on the official soundtrack.

  6. Maggie C September 22, 2013

    I went to see the advanced screening of this movie. It was awesome and music too! I should check out the soundtrack. thanks!


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