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Late Night Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Late Night brings us one of the best soundtrack playlists of the year with a huge variety of songs and original tracks. Music supervisor Linda Cohen, responsible for other titles such as Triple Frontier, Fear the Walking Dead, The Beach Bum and On the Basis of Sex, has selected some killer playlists over the years, and Late Night will be of no exception. So browse below for the complete list of songs, official soundtrack and trailer songs.

Complete List of Songs

Trailer Songs

  • Watch Me Do - Meghan Trainor

Complete List of Songs

  • Keep Their Phones Ringing - Harri Davies

  • Three Quarters - Bobby Summerfield and Matt McGuire

  • Istanbul Trap - Issa Hassan

  • Oh My My My - Daisy Dash

  • The Wandering Tattler - Daniel F. Savant

  • Three Way Split - Terry Pack

  • Blues for Tenor Sax - Thaddeus Hillary

  • Moonlight Becomes You - Lesley Barber

  • It Happened One Night - Gordon L. Goodwin

  • Small Things - Steve Sidwell

  • Like You Do - Dirtier Blonde

  • Like That - Fleur East

  • Monty's Luck - Kully B & Gussy G

  • Light On - Maggie Rogers

  • Everybody (feat. Azealia Banks) - Elliphant

  • Forward Motion - Daya


Songs from the Trailers

  • Watch Me Do - Meghan Trainor

Soundtrack Details

Release Date 7th June 2019

Composer Lesley Barber

Music Supervisor Linda Cohen

Studio Amazon


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