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Killing Eve – Season 2 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

BBC America’s hit thriller is back for its second season next week and we are positive it’s second season’s soundtrack will pack the same punch as its first. The music supervisor, Catherine Grieves is back to reprise her role of song selection after the success of the first season. You can listen to the full list of songs heard from the second season below. Scroll down to find the official soundtrack and trailer songs for Killing Eve.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 – 8th April – Do You Know How To Dispose Of A Body

I Could Tell You but I’d Have to Kill – Unloved

La Plus Belle Chanson – Jacqueline Taieb

Damned – Unloved

Kids In America – Kim Wilde

I Could Tell You but I’d Have to Kill – Unloved

Danger – Unloved & Barry Woolnough

Fail We May Sail We Must (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Xpectations – Unloved

Episode 2 – 15th April – Nice and Neat

I’m Gonna Haunt You – Fabienne Delsol

When a Woman Is Around – Unloved

Comment ça se danse – Bertrand Belin

Cry Baby Cry – Unloved

Sombre (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Episode 3 – 22nd April – The Hungry Caterpillar

Sombre (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Eyes (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Fail We May Sail We Must (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Something Better – Amber Quintero, Scott Feldman & Marius Lenoir

Sigh (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Cry Baby Cry – Unloved

Mama – Unloved

Listen to Your Heart – Roxette

Screw You – Ramases

Xpectations – Unloved

Episode 4 – 29th April – Desperate Times

Remember – Unloved feat. Étienne Daho

Sombre – Unloved

Where Evil Grows – The Poppy Family & Terry Jacks

Een Muis In Een Molen In Mooi Amsterdam (feat. Kinderkoor de Spettertjes) – Andre Van Duin

Her – Unloved

Heroes Everything – Pyrit

Vlinder Van Een Zomer (Angel Of The Morning) – Willeke Alberti

Xpectations – Unloved

Episode 5 – 5th May – Smell Ya Later

Sombre – Unloved

Lee – Unloved

After Dinner – Unloved

Unloved Heart (Killing Eve) – Unloved

Cry Baby Cry – Unloved

Sombre – Unloved

She’s My Witch – FireFlies

When a Woman Is Around – Unloved

Episode 6 – 12th May – I Hope You Like Missionary!

Sigh – Unloved

Dangerous Charms – The Delmonas

After Dinner – Unloved


Songs from the Trailers

It’s Oh So Quiet – Betty Hutton

Official Soundtrack

An official soundtrack for Killing Eve – Season 2 has not yet been announced or released. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know if this changes.


Movie Details

Season 2 Premieres
8th August 2019
Drama, Thriller
Score Composer
Keefus Ciancia, David Holmes
Music Supervisor
Catherine Grieves
Number of Episodes



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  1. Amo June 28, 2019

    Do you happen to know what song plays in ep. 5 when Villanelle kills the guy at the car wash? Thanks!


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