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Escape Room Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Escape Room is a drama, mystery, sci-fi movie to be released in the United States on the 4th of January 2019. The movie will also one of the year’s most anticipated soundtrack from composers John Carey and Brian Tyler. You can check the official movie soundtrack, complete list of songs, and movie trailer below.

Complete List of Songs

Hate – 21 (Ft. Bishop Lamont)

Below The Silver Club – Eric Speier

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer – Johnny Marks

Downtown – Petula Clark

Escape Room Theme – Brian Tyler and John Carey


Songs from the Trailers

Malvina Reynolds – Little Boxes

Official Soundtrack

1. Escape Room 3:39
2. Escape Room (Madsonik and Kill The Noise Remix) 3:52
3. The Invitation 4:43
4. Coaster 5:07
5. Zoey’s Theme 2:45
6. Games Master 4:23
7. Statistical Improbabilities 5:47
8. Follow the Posted Rules 3:55
9. Seven Letters 3:08
10. Testing Your Limits 7:00
11. The King Of Trading 3:05
12. Let the Games Begin 4:14
13. True North 5:48
14. Compression 4:19
15. Dreadnaught 1:53
16. Melting the Cube 2:53
17. Dr. Wootan Yu Says 0:22
18. Game Over 2:27
19. Escape Room Finale 5:03

Total Album Time: 74:23


Movie Details

Release Date
4th January 2019
Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Score Composer
John Carey and Brian Tyler
Music Supervisor


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