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Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back, a comedy, drama, action movie directed by Tom Edmunds was released on the 30th of November 2018. The movie comes with an A-list credited songs and soundtrack from composers Guy Garvey, Peter Jobson, and Paul Saunderson. Check out the complete list of songs and official movie soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

The complete list of songs will be available soon.


Songs from the Trailers

The Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

1. Bridge Suicide 2:54
2. Suicide Letter 1:00
3. New Book Idea 2:15
4. Ellie Calls 1:19
5. Café Shooting 1:33
6. Mistake At Work 2:31
7. Supplication (Peter Jobson) 2:57
8. Café Meeting 2:06
9. Kill Ourselves 1:37
10. The Clock 5:31
11. Country Kitchen 2:06
12. Leslie At House 0:53
13. Ivan 1:43
14. Hunting Will 3:02
15. A New Hope 1:42
16. Ivan Standoff 2:24
17. Farewell Ivan 0:33
18. Glad I Didn’t Die 1:14
19. Harvey Standoff 4:49
20. Hero’s Death 1:00
21. come on through (Isaac Gracie) 3:58
22. the death of you & I (Isaac Gracie) 4:57
23. Tin Pan Boy (YUNGBLUD) 3:09

Total Album Time: 55:13


Movie Details

Release Date
30th November 2018
Action, Comedy, Drama
Score Composer
Guy Garvey, Peter Jobson, Paul Saunderson
Music Supervisor


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