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Catch-22 – Season 1 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Hulu’s Catch-22 – Season 1 soundtrack is packed with killer songs. It includes tracks from performers like Nat “King” Cole and Benny Goodman. The series soundtrack is done by composers Harry Gregson-Williams and Rupert Gregson-Williams for what promises to be one of the year’s best. You can listen to the complete list of songs and the official soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 – 17th May

Tuxedo Junction – Glenn Miller

Apache Dance – Jan Garber & His Orchestra

Straighten Up and Fly Right – Nat “King” Cole

Passion Flower – Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra

Goodbye – Benny Goodman

 Hip Hip – Rupert Gregson-Williams & Harry Gregson-Williams

It’s a Pair of Wings For Me – Nat Gonella

Episide 2

Any Bonds Today? – The Andrews Sisters

Things Ain’t What They Used to Be – Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra

Then I’ll Be Happy – Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra

O sole mio – Compagnia d’Opera Italiana, Antonello Gotta & Luca Lupoli

My Sunday Gal – Duke Ellington & Rex Stewart and His Orchestra

No Love, No Nothin’ – Rosemary Clooney

I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed – Mound City Blue Blowers

Episode 3

Soap Runs – Rupert Gregson-Williams & Harry Gregson-Williams

Moving The Line – Rupert Gregson-Williams & Harry Gregson-Williams

Shoo Shoo Baby – The Andrews Sisters

Dunbar Down – Rupert Gregson-Williams & Harry Gregson-Williams


Songs from the Trailers

The Catch-22 – Season 1 trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

1. Basecamp at Dawn 2:14
2. Soap Runs 1:38
3. Back in the Air 1:07
4. Nately 1:00
5. Kid Sampson 3:31
6. Bombing Run 2:27
7. Moving the Line 1:23
8. Torna a Surriento 1:58
9. Scheisskopf In Charge 1:24
10. Dunbar Down 1:46
11. The Banquet 1:30
12. Everyone’s Gone 2:41
13. The Arrest 2:31
14. Hip Hip 1:41
15. Yoyo Pulls the Plug 1:18
16. Snowden 3:06
17. John Yossarian 3:44
18. Catch-22 2:46

Total Album Time: 37:45


Movie Details

Season 1 Premiered
17th May 2019
Comedy, Crime, Drama
Score Composer
Harry Gregson-Williams
Rupert Gregson-Williams
Music Supervisor
Number of Episodes



  1. Derek August 11, 2019

    Thought I heard Ella.

  2. Emilia July 18, 2019

    It’s actually Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman rather than Goodbye

  3. Susan Kesson June 27, 2019

    Yes please keep posting the list of songs, very important that people know who sings them

  4. Phillip Wand June 22, 2019

    Thanks for this, I only wanted to know the list of songs in the first episode, it was a real bonus that you posted the songs too

  5. Reek June 10, 2019

    Episodes 4,5 and 6 would be great

  6. Lisa May 25, 2019

    Hi! Very helpful list, thank you! Do you have Episodes 4,5 and 6 also?


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