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BlacKkKlansman Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The BlacKkKlansman soundtrack will be released on 10th August while the songs playlist consists of 10 killer tracks. The official soundtrack, composed by Terence Blanchard, consists of 23 score tracks. The official credited list of songs, not heard in the soundtrack is listed below. Find the complete tracklist, listen to all the full soundtrack songs, play full OST music and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Oh Happy Day – The Edwin Hawkins Singers

Say It Loud, I’m Black and Proud – James Brown And Alfred Ellis

We Are Gonna Be Ok – Dan Whitener

Ball of Confusion – The Temptations

To Late to Turn Back Now – Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose

Freedom Ride – R.J. Phillips Band

Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) – Looking Glass

Lion Eyes – Beth // James

Lucky Man – Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Mary Don’t You Weep – Prince


Songs from the Trailers

Official Soundtrack

1. Gone With the Wind 1:01
2. Hatred At Its Best 2:37
3. Main Theme 1:01
4. Ron’s Theme 1:26
5. Firing Range 1:33
6. No Cross Burning Tonight 3:11
7. Patrice Library 1:33
8. Ron Meets FBI Agent 1:55
9. Connie and the Bomb 1:17
10. Guarding David Duke 0:57
11. Tale of Two Powers 1 2:40
12. Tale of Two Powers 2 2:20
13. Tale of Two Powers 3 1:44
14. Woodrow Wilson 0:21
15. Klan Cavalry 0:45
16. Ron’s Search 1:05
17. Patrice Followed 1:26
18. Here Comes Ron 0:45
19. White Power Theme 0:44
20. Partner Funk Theme 0:40
21. Main Theme – Ron 1:23
22. Blut Und Boden (Blood and Soil) 3:41
23. Photo Opps 3:39


Movie Details

Release Date
10th August 2018
Biography, Comedy, Crime
Score Composer
Terence Blanchard
Music Supervisor
Rochelle Claerbau

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