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Bernie the Dolphin Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Bernie The Dolphin is an action, comedy, family movie set to be released in the United States on the 7th of December 2018. The movie soundtrack that consists 19 tracks is the done by composer Joshua R. Mosley. Also, check out the complete list of credited songs ad movie trailer below.

Complete List of Songs

WAVES – Nicole Michelle featuring Jeff Timmons & Taylor Mosley

MIRACLE – Parker Theory

LEVI KATIE KISS – Jesse Pruett, TJ Hill

BEST FRIEND – Madison Mosley and Lola Sultan

MAKE A SPLASH – Nicole Michelle


Songs from the Trailers

The Bernie the Dolphin trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

1. Best Friend (Madison Mosley & Lola Sultan) 3:08
2. Waves (Nicole Michelle) 3:34
3. Miracle (Parker Theory) 3:43
4. Make a Splash (Nicole Michelle) 2:29
5. Aren’t They Awesome 2:16
6. There’s Only Four 1:43
7. They Saved Us 0:56
8. No Wake Zone 1:21
9. Hang In There 0:41
10. Marineland 1:33
11. No Trespassing 3:19
12. Bernie the Dolphin 1:37
13. No Camera No More Film 1:28
14. Be Happy Like Bernie 1:36
15. Get Well Bernie 0:54
16. Going Somewhere 1:53
17. B&E 3:53
18. Exporting 0:40
19. Be Free Bernie 2:40

Total Album Time: 39:24


Movie Details

Release Date
7th December 2018
Action, Comedy, Family
Score Composer
Joshua R. Mosley
Music Supervisor


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