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Begin Again Soundtrack List


Begin Again Soundtrack List (2014) Complete tracklist, all songs played in the movie and in the trailer, who sings them, soundtrack details and the entire music playlist of the album.


Have a look below to see the official soundtrack list for the 2014 comedy movie, Begin Again, including scene descriptions and name of the songs played in trailers and movie

Film’s music by various artists.
Soundtrack album tracklist:

1. Lost Stars (Adam Levine)
2. Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home (Keira Knightley)
3. No One Else Like You (Adam Levine)
4. Horny (CeeLo Green)
5. Lost Stars (Keira Knightley)
6. A Higher Place (Adam Levine)
7. Like A Fool (Keira Knightley)
8. Did It Ever Cross Your Mind (Demo Version) (Cessyl Orchestra)
9. Women Of The World (Go On Strike!) (CeeLo Green)
10. Coming Up Roses (Keira Knightley)
11. Into The Trance (Cessyl Orchestra)
12. A Step You Can’t Take Back (Keira Knightley)
13. BONUS TRACKS: Lost Stars (Into The Night Mix) (Adam Levine)
14. The Roof Is Broke (Demo Mix) (Cessyl Orchestra)
15. Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home (Rooftop Mix) (Keira Knightley and Hailee Steinfeld)
16. Intimidated By You (Cessyl Orchestra)

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Begin Again Soundtrack (Score) release date: July 1, 2014
Begin Again Movie release date: June 27, 2014

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  1. Leah June 3, 2021

    I am IN LOVE with this soundtrack! There has NEVER been a better one! I could listen to it 24-7!


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