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Assassination Nation Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Assassination Nation is sure to bring one of this years biggest soundtracks, with a huge number of alternative artists expected to feature in the movie. Assassination Nation will be composed by Ian Hultquist, with the official soundtrack is currently slated for release on the 21st September, consisting of 24 original songs. Find and listen to the complete list of songs from Assassination Nation below. You’ll find the complete playlist, listen to all the full soundtrack list, play music from the OST and trailer songs.

Complete List of Songs

The complete list of credited songs has yet to be released, however we will release the playlist when it becomes available soon.


Songs from the Trailers

Black Wave – K. Flay

Official Soundtrack

1. Mayor Bartlett 1:32
2. #FAIL 0:23
3. The Life & Texts of Principal Turrell 1:38
4. Internet Trolls 2:28
5. I’m Not the Monster You Think I Am 4:06
6. Half of Salem 2:18
7. Slay ‘em High Killa 4:48
8. A Star is Born 2:55
9. Assassination Nation 0:51
10. Blow Us a Kiss 1:52
11. Take Salem Back 1:33
12. Marty’s Confession 3:03
13. Home Invasion 8:35
14. On the Run 0:49
15. Kiss Me 3:34
16. Be Gentle 2:32
17. Crimson 1:51
18. The Shootout 3:28
19. Surrender 1:04
20. Rally Ur F_cking Crew 3:17
21. Trigger (Bonus Track) 0:23
22. Rage (Isabella ‘Machine’ Summers) 5:18
23. Brat (Abra) 5:11
24. We Can’t Stop (Jackson State University Marching Band, The “Sonic Boom of the South”) 2:19
Total Album Time: 65:48


Movie Details

Release Date
21st September 2018
Action, Drama
Score Composer
Ian Hultquist

Spotify Playlist


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