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Wonder Park Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Wonder Park is an animation, adventure, comedy movie voiced by Hollywood stars like Sofia Mali, Jennifer Garner, and Ken Hudson Campbell. The official movie soundtrack is done by British film composer Steven Price. Some of his notable film scores are Baby Driver and Suicide Squad. You can listen to the official movie soundtrack and the complete list of credited songs below.

Complete List of Songs

Chimp Theme (Happy Happy) – Anne Preven

Dating Game Theme – Rick Hall

Hideaway – Grace VanderWaal

Pi Song – Anne Preven

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (Traditional)

Anything Can Happen – Anne Preven

Wonder – Rachel Platten


Songs from the Trailers

Ghostwriter Music – Wonderworld feat. Emma Sameth

Go Big Or Go Home – American Authors

Official Soundtrack

1. When The Ideas Come From You 6:23
2. Operation Loop de Loop 3:32
3. Without Wrecking The Neighbourhood 0:51
4. Hideaway Medley (co-composed with See Sub-songs, Jonny Shorr, Katie Stump, Will Jay, Emily Kocontes) 4:58
5. Look How Big You’ve Gotten 2:33
6. On The Way to Camp Awesome 1:33
7. Entering Wonderland 4:04
8. We’re At War 3:29
9. The Darkness 1:31
10. You’re Embarrassing The Team 3:12
11. Nobody’s Pin Cushion 2:04
12. On and Off Switch 2:18
13. Fireworks Falls 3:00
14. Zero G Land 3:50
15. All My Fault 5:29
16. Wrecking The Neighbourhood 2:49
17. A Terrible Turn of Events 3:42
18. I Got This Greta 2:13
19. I Lost Her Too 2:04
20. To Clockwork Swings 4:00
21. You’ll Hear Me In The Wind 3:02
22. Peanut’s Next Wondrous Invention 3:09

Total Album Time: 69:46


Movie Details

Release Date
15th March 2019
Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Score Composer
Steven Price
Music Supervisor


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