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Velvet Buzzsaw Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The First Man soundtrack consists of 27 original tracks, where the movie itself features 12 songs. The First Man soundtrack is composed by Justin Hurwitz where the movie playlist consists of a number of credited songs. Find and listen to the complete list of songs from First Man below. Below you’ll be able to find the complete playlist, listen to all the full soundtrack songs, play full OST music and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Floating Ships – Les Gordon feat. Aces

Love – Phil Phauler

Roll with Me – Tinashe Sibana feat. Shungudzo

Trigger Bang Bang – Red Rosamond

Who Is Speaking – Loma

Whatever It Takes – Fassine

Keep It Left – GirlvBoy

Adagio per Archi e Organo in Sol Minore – Werner Simons

Sleeping on My Own – Geoffroy

Dirt – The Stooges

Negrita Ve – Sr Ortegon


Songs from the Trailers

Five Knives – Money

Official Soundtrack

The official movie soundtrack will be available soon.


Movie Details

Release Date
1st February 2019
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Score Composer
Marco Beltrami, Buck Sanders
Music Supervisor


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