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The Virtues – Season 1 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Virtues is a drama TV miniseries by Channel4. Its season 1 piloted on the 15th of May 2019. The miniseries also features of the year's most promising collection of credited songs and series soundtrack from composer PJ Harvey. You can listen to the complete list of songs and the soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - 15th May

  • Dancing in the Moonlight (It's Caught Me in It's Spotlight) - Thin Lizzy

  • You Keep Me Hangin' On - Kim Wilde

  • Beneath the Rose - Micah P. Hinson

  • The Crowded Cell - PJ Harvey

Episode 2 - 22nd May

  • The Crowded Cell - PJ Harvey

Episode 3 - 29th May

  • The Crowded Cell - PJ Harvey

Official Soundtrack

The Virtues (Television Series Soundtrack)

The Virtues (Television Series Soundtrack)

14 songs
14th Jun 2019

  • Prayer - PJ Harvey

  • When Sorrow Shoots Her Darts - Set Fire To Flames

  • Jesus Song (Rival Consoles Rework) - Toydrum

  • Beneath the Rose - Micah P. Hinson

  • Submerge - PJ Harvey

  • Death - PJ Harvey

  • Flowers - Lisa Hannigan

  • The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain - Mono

  • Gwely Mernans - Aphex Twin

  • If the Truth Hurts (feat. Gavin Clark) - Ted Barnes

  • The Lonely Wolf - PJ Harvey

  • Cutting Into Flesh - Gazelle Twin

  • Subterranean - PJ Harvey

  • The Crowded Cell - PJ Harvey


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Season 1 Premiered 15th of May 2019

Network Channel4

Genre Drama

Score Composer PJ Harvey

Music Supervisor N/A

Number of Episodes 4

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