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The Old Man & the Gun Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Old Man & the Gun is a comedy, crime, drama movie based from the true story of Forrest Tucker. It is directed by David Lowery. The official film score is done by composer Daniel Hart whose previous works include Pete’s Dragon and A Ghost Story. Listen to the official movie soundtrack and the complete list of credited songs below.

Complete List of Songs

30 Century Man – Scott Walker

Rhythm of My Heartbeat – Annell Brodeur & Andrew Tinker

So Alone – Priya Patel & Curtis Heath

Whiskey Flats – Bosque Brown

Whiskey Flats – Andrew Tinker

Call 583-0212 – Dierdre Tinker & Andrew Tinker

Maggie and Mandy – Curtis Heath

Lola – The Kinks

Blues Run the Game – Jackson C. Frank


Songs from the Trailers

Blues Run The Game – Jackson C. Frank

Official Soundtrack

1. Theme 1:46
2. The Diner Part One 3:10
3. The Diner Part Two 1:30
4. 30 Century Man (Scott Walker) 1:26
5. Three Day Bank 6:41
6. John and Maureen 2:01
7. More Happy 1:58
8. The Over the Hill Gang 2:57
9. You’re Doing a Great Job 3:34
10. Freeze Sailor 2:05
11. Two Different Things 2:29
12. West St. Louis Toodle Oo 1:08
13. He Must Be Thinking of You 2:03
14. Keep on Pushin’ 3:47
15. Lola (The Kinks) 4:05
16. Jewels for Jewel 2:16
17. When You Find Something You Love 2:24
18. The Gun and The Kiss 2:50
19. Blues Run the Game (Jackson C. Frank) 3:31
20. Officially Retired 2:16
21. Rub A Dub Dub 2:34
22. Samuel Anselm 1:52

Total Album Time: 58:23


Movie Details

Release Date
28th September 2018
Comedy, Crime, Drama
Score Composer
Daniel Hart
Music Supervisor
Laura Katz


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