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Shine Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Shine is a drama, music film directed by Anthony Nardolillo. The movie soundtrack features 12 songs from top-notch artists like Joe Cuba Sextette, New Swing Sextet, and Cheo Feliciano. You can check out and listen to the official movie soundtrack, official movie trailer, and the complete list of credited songs below.

Complete List of Songs

The complete list of songs will be available soon.


Songs from the Trailers

The Shine movie trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

1. Descarga Fania All Stars (Fania) 9:12
2. Ariñañara (Joe Cuba Sextette) 3:00
3. El Malo (Willie Colón) 4:00
4. Coquero (New Swing Sextet) 3:15
5. El Raton (Cheo Feliciano) 3:48
6. Acid (Ray Barretto) 5:07
7. Salsa Y Sabor (Tito Puente) 3:01
8. Oyelo Que Te Conviene (Eddie Palmieri) 3:35
9. What Good Is A Castle (Joe Bataan) 6:59
10. Indestructible (Ray Barretto) 4:13
11. No Dejes De Soñar (Angel Lopez & Maryleida Hernandez) 3:35
12. Alza Tu Bandera (Keblin X) 4:01

Total Album Time: 53:46


Movie Details

Release Date
5th October 2018
Drama, Music
Score Composer
Eduardo Reyes Napoles
Music Supervisor


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