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Scream – Season 3 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Scream the crime, drama, horror TV series from VH1 released its 3rd season on the 8th of July 2019. The third season is packed with an A-lister of tracks from artists like Nappy Roots, The Trak Kartel, and Highland Park Collective. Listen to the complete list of credited songs and the soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - The Deadfast Club - 8th July

  • New In Town - Little Boots

  • Ready or Not (feat. Gizzle) - Highland Park Collective

  • Follow You Down - Black River Delta

  • Doesn't Matter - Nappy Roots

  • Drop It Lower - The Trak Kartel

  • Savages - iiGotProductOfficial

  • We Always Do It Like - TheUnder

Episode 2 - Devil's Night - 8th July

  • It's So Hard to Say Good-Bye (feat. Cadence) - Ronald Jean

  • Quad Drop Low - Tigga Bounce

  • Where Do We Go from Here? - Ruelle

Episode 3 - The Man Behind the Mask - 9th July

  • Ain’t It Crazy - Cut One & Kye Sones

  • Back from the Fire - Gold Brother

Episode 4 - Ports in the Storm - 9th July

  • Boxes - Prisca

  • Summer Yours - WurlD

  • Easier Said Than Done - Karen Damelian

  • Folds - Feverkin & Koresma

Episode 5 - Blindspots - 10th July

  • No Idea (feat. Jarren Benton) - Nappy Roots

  • Easier Said Than Done - Karen Damelian

  • Twerk Werk - The Trak Kartel

  • She Wit It - The Trak Kartel, Hemi

  • Boom - The Trak Kartel

  • Lights - Reptile Room

  • Young - AYER

Episode 6 - Endgame -10th July

  • Here We Go (feat. PK Oneday) - KB


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Season 3 Premiered 8th of July 2019

Network VH1

Genres Crime, Drama, Horror

Score Composer Jeremy Zuckerman

Number of Episodes 6

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