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Sadie Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Sadie, released on the 12th of October 2018 is a drama movie directed by Megan Griffiths. The movie soundtrack also draws attention from moviegoers as it is done by composer Mike McCready, the American rock band Pearl Jam’s lead guitarist. You can listen to the official movie soundtrack and the complete list of credited songs below.

Complete List of Songs

Times Like These – Grace Love & The True Loves

Let Me Be – Grace Love & The True Loves

Love You Down – Grace Love & The True Loves

We Will Obey – Sweet Madness

Supermarket Song – Grant Olsen

Open Door – Marble Cliffs

Show Your Colors – Molly Sides, Whitney Petty and Mike McCready


Songs from the Trailers

The Sadie movie trailer does not feature any songs, please let us know if you think we are incorrect.

Official Soundtrack

1. Show Your Colors 2:57
2. Sadie’s Theme 0:45
3. Shady Plains 2:03
4. Shuffle Your Feet 2:29
5. Flight 0:43
6. Coming Home 0:35
7. Chaos 1:12
8. Rae’s Ring 2:39
9. Letters to the Front 1:14
10. Old Coot 0:29
11. Leave It Alone 2:15
12. Pretty Sad View 1:18
13. Squirrels and Whatnot 0:48
14. Show Your Colors (Stripped Down) 2:46
15. Pain Killing 1:13
16. Rainy Window 0:25
17. Trouble Within 3:23
18. Deak’s Wisdom 0:53
19. Sadie’s Theme (Dark) 1:30
20. Plane Overhead 0:53
21. The Paper 1:31
22. Battle on the Homefront 5:01
23. Show Your Colors (End Credits) 2:55

Total Album Time: 39:57


Movie Details

Release Date
12th October 2018
Score Composer
Mike McCready
Music Supervisor
Grant Olsen


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