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Preacher – Season 4 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Season 4 of Preacher an adventure, drama, fantasy TV series from AMC is set to premier on the 4th of August 2019. The series will feature a collection of tracks from top-notch artists like The Doobie Brothers and Bobby Barnes. You can listen to the complete list of credited songs and the official soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - 4th August

  • Super High On Your Love - Bobby Barnes

  • Kalah Chosen Mazel Tov - Jaromír Vogel

  • Listen to Me Self - Dick Flood

  • Just Like the Old Days - The Swayback

Episode 2

  • Rockin' Down the Highway (2016 Remastered) - The Doobie Brothers

  • Talking to the Most High - Wordsmith

  • Little Bit Is Better Than Nada - Texas Tornados

Episode 3 - Deviant - 11th August

  • Move - Saint Motel

  • Sweet Love - Bobby Bond & The Bandits

  • Liverpool Lament - Robert White, Brian Gulland, Robin Jeffrey, Sharon Lindo & Tim Laycock

  • Young Brigid O'Malley - Donogh Patrick Hennessy & Aileesh Catherine Kennedy

  • The Nutcracker: Trepak - London Symphony Orchestra

  • Introduction, Prologue №1 March - Moscow New Philharmonic Orchestra, V.Ponkin, conductor

  • The Wedge Paradiso - Dick Dale



Season 4 Premiered 4th of August 2019

Network AMC

Genres Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Score Composer Dave Porter

Number of Episodes 10

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