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Papillon Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The Papillon soundtrack playlist is composed by David Buckley, where the songs will be selected by Linda Cohen, who is sure to bring some killer tracks as a renowned music supervisor. The official credited list of songs, not heard in the soundtrack is listed below. Find the complete tracklist, listen to all the full soundtrack songs, play full OST music and the trailer tracks.

Complete List of Songs

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Means That You’re Grand) – The Hot Sardines

Dixieland – Lift Music Ltd

Storm Music – Cavendish Music

Dance of the Butterfly – Ivan Ilic

Runnin’ Wild – The Hot Sardines

King Kong / The Sailors / The Escape – Moscow Symphony Orchestra


Songs from the Trailers

Official Soundtrack

1. Papillon 2:08
2. Tabac d’Espagne 3:21
3. Céphale 5:12
4. Cuivré de la Bistorte 1:49
5. Petit Nacr 3:24
6. Myrtil 6:08
7. Bande noire 2:34
8. Citron 2:20
9. Thécla du Chêne 3:57
10. Tircis 1:58
11. Azuré des anthyllides 4:44
12. ‘Revez, mes anges’ 4:13
Total Album Time: 41:48


Movie Details

Release Date
17th August 2018
War, Action, Drama
Score Composer
David Buckley
Music Supervisor
Linda Cohe

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