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No Activity – Season 3 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

No Activity is a comedy TV series from CBS All Access. The 3rd season of the series which premiered on the 21st of November 2019 is filled with tracks from performers like Emma Louise, Iggy Pop, and Purple Mountains. You can listen to the complete list of credited songs and the season 3 soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - Tooth and Nail - 21st November

  • She’s Making Friends, I’m Turning Stranger - Purple Mountains

Episode 2 - Flight JA761 - 21st November

Episode 3 - There's No Ocean in Wichita - 21st November

Episode 4 - Death Knock - 21st November

Episode 5 - Leon's Retirement Party - 21st November

Episode 6 - Kasprowicz v. Haldeman - 21st November

  • Sugarland - Papa Mali featuring Big Chief Monk Boudreaux

Episode 7 - Googy - 21st November

  • Let's Boot and Rally (feat. Bethany Cosentino) - Iggy Pop

Episode 8 - Oops Sorry - 21st November

  • Wish You Well - Emma Louise


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Season 3 Premiered 21st of November 2019

Network CBS All Access

Genre Comedy

Score Composer Ex-Hell, Matt Blackman

Number of Episodes 8


  1. Jim February 14, 2021

    Anyone have any idea what the last song of episode 8 is, where the Mexican tunnel diggers make it above surface. Lyrics “… you found somebody… someone to call your honey…stick with me and it’s gonna be sunny everyday”. English or Australian accent, male singing. Can’t find the lyrics online.

    1. Jim February 14, 2021

      oops, please delete. Wrong season. The one I’m looking for is Season 1, episode 8 The Raid.

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