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Mayans M.C. – Season 2 Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

The 2nd season of Mayans M.C., a crime, drama, thriller TV series from FX premiered on the 3rd of September 2019. The new season comes with a top-notch collection of tracks from artists like Latin Soul Syndicate, RYN, and Bull y los Búfalos. You can listen to the complete list of songs and the season 2 soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

Episode 1 - Xbalanque - 3rd September

  • Nunca (from Mayans MC) - Diana Gameros & Los Refugios Tiernos

  • All the Way Down - RYN

  • Narco Trafico - Latin Soul Syndicate

  • Cafeína Y Rock and Roll - Bull y los Búfalos

  • Señor (from Mayans MC) - Steve Earle & Refugios Tiernos

Episode 2 - Xaman-Ek - 10th September

  • Mas Loco - Rey El Vikingo

  • Puro Español - Lil Uno & Shysti

  • El Payande - Lhasa de Sela

  • Arrepentida (from Mayans MC) - Los Refugios Tiernos & Andrea Silva

  • El Mero Mero - TECH-i-L.A.

Episode 3 - Camazotz - 17th September

  • Desdeñosa - Lhasa de Sela

  • Devil In My Veins - Yelawolf



Season 2 Premiered 3rd of September 2019

Network FX

Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller

Score Composer Bob Thiele Jr.

Number of Episodes 5

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