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Long Weekend Soundtrack


Soundtrack Info

Long Weekend is a comedy, romance movie released in the United States on the 12th of March 2021. The movie is packed with tracks from performers like Norma Jenkins, Lauren Culjak, and Keegan DeWitt. You can listen to the complete list of credited songs and the official movie soundtrack below.

Complete List of Songs

  • Great Unknown - Lauren Culjak

  • Need Someone to Love - Norma Jenkins

  • July 4th 2004 - Keegan DeWitt

  • I'll Always Be the One Who Makes You Cry - Eric Hutchinson

  • Waves - Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

  • Forever - Zoe Chao

  • Let Love Free - Fred Fisher Atalobhor & His Ogiza Dance Band

  • If You Ever - Kotomi

  • Endless - Happy Hollows

  • Down Under - Kotomi

  • Forever - Lauren Culjak

  • Summer Love - Lauren Culjak

Official Soundtrack

Long Weekend (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Long Weekend (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

23 songs
12th Mar 2021

  • The Beginning, The End - Lauren Culjak

  • Being There - Lauren Culjak

  • Batting a Thousand - Lauren Culjak

  • Sparklers - Lauren Culjak

  • Is Now Too Soon? - Lauren Culjak

  • Rooftop Date - Lauren Culjak

  • I'm Not Even Supposed to Be Here - Lauren Culjak

  • How Will I Know? - Lauren Culjak

  • The Bank - Lauren Culjak

  • Something's Going on With This Girl - Lauren Culjak

  • Joshua Tree - Lauren Culjak

  • Meteor Shower - Lauren Culjak

  • Driving Home - Lauren Culjak

  • Cannonball - Lauren Culjak

  • Just Being a Person Is Hard - Lauren Culjak

  • I Don't Want to Go - Lauren Culjak

  • You Don't Believe Me, Do You - Lauren Culjak

  • I Love You and That’s Real - Lauren Culjak

  • Waking Up - Lauren Culjak

  • Hummingbird - Lauren Culjak

  • The End, The Beginning - Lauren Culjak

  • Forever - Lauren Culjak

  • Summer Love - Lauren Culjak


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Release Date 12th of March 2021

Genre Comedy, Romance

Composer Lauren Culjak

Music Supervisor Joe Rudge

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